Saturday, August 22, 2015


So you may have noticed I haven't been blogging this week. I've been stitching, just not blogging. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about this blog and I think for now I'm going to be taking a break from blogging in general. I've really gotten into doing my FlossTube updates every week, and it feels like I'm duplicating my efforts to do things both here and there.

I'm keeping this blog up and I may totally change my mind in a few days or weeks, but for now, this blog is going on a hiatus.

That doesn't mean, though, that you can't follow my updates! If you're interested in still following me and haven't done so already, I do videos about all of my WIP's and a whole lot more on my FlossTube channel. Come follow me!

Thanks again for everything and as always....

Until next time,


  1. I'll miss your blogging, Katy, but totally understand!
    Happy stitching:)

  2. I'm addicted to your videos, but I'm gonna miss your blog. It's easier to go back and follow your progress on photos here :) Hope you'll still check in for Wipocalypse!

  3. You have been very busy lately! I know how much time it takes to do the videos, plus you do so much for Stitch Maynia. You have to do what you need to do to keep your sanity. I'll keep watching your videos for updates :-) One of these days, if you'd like, we can stitch together in person.

  4. How weird! I've been watching your FlossTube videos all this time and never knew it was you!

  5. Cool i come here and visit even though I dont comment but I also watch your You Tube