Friday, March 14, 2014

Garden of Joy Ornament

So both of the Christmas ornaments I have left in my WIP list are rather bead heavy, but they're absolutely beautiful. Both are designed by Turquoise Graphics & Designs and are from the Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornaments 2012 edition. I ended up playing rock paper scissors and decided to start working on Garden of Joy next.

This is where I left Garden of Joy after I started it for the Crazy January Challenge last year.  I actually never picked it up again after the one day of starting it:
Garden of Joy - Started 1/11/13
Here is the progress I made yesterday:

This is being stitched over two on 32-count cream Belfast. I don't think this one is going to go nearly as quickly as the last ornament. As you can see, it's beautifully ornate and filled with beads, so I imagine it will likely be the project I work on the rest of the month while I wait for April's addition to the Once Upon A Time Sampler.

Until next time!


  1. This is going to be such a beautiful addition to your Christmas decorations.

  2. Great progress so far! It's going to look great when it's done :D

  3. Beautiful progress! If you don't have a tacky bead mat I recommend the one by Beadalon. It made the beading on my last beaded cross stitch go so much smoother.

  4. The top ornie is on my list too, I love all the beads. It's so nice to see a stitched-up version, the ones in the mag often don't do the designs justice.

  5. That is gorgeous, great progress