Friday, February 7, 2014

Lots of Border

So this week on my Once Upon A Time Sampler, I've been focused on the border. I finished all of the main outlining in Marine and am now going back with the Plum to fill in the details. I figure that should be done by the end of this weekend and then I can move onto January's square. Here's the progress for this week!

(Ignore the REALLY bad lighting on the first picture, please)

Fingers crossed I can finish the border this weekend. I am part of The Frosted Pumpkin SAL group on Facebook and seeing everyone's progress makes me super eager to get started on my blocks, but I know for my own sanity, I need the border done first!

Until next time!


  1. Great progress on the border! It's coming along so quickly :D

  2. Great progress. The border looks lovely :)

  3. Its looking great, you'll have the border done in no time! x

  4. Its very nice!! Coming along well! :)

  5. Beautiful stitching progress. I really love your choice of fabric. It complements the design wonderfully!