Monday, July 23, 2012

WOCS: Knotted Hearts

So I mentioned in another post that I had discovered World of Charity Stitching and I eagerly signed up! I want to break up my big pieces with smaller, quick stitch projects and this is truly a worthy cause!

Well, today I unexpectedly stayed home with my two-year old son, D, who we found out today has allergy based croup and reactive airway disease, but we have meds and a nebulizer and are all prepared to tackle this head on. While he was resting today, I decided to go ahead to sign up for not one, but two of the active projects going on with WOCS, and I started working on the first one today, called Knotted Hearts. The pattern is a freebie from Stitching The Night Away and it also was a milestone for me. It was the very first time...ever...that I have actually gone into my stash to pick out my own colors for a project...okay, cheesy, yes, I know, but I'm one of those stitchers who will buy everything 'required' for a piece, but not go beyond it. I don't experiment, I don't change colors, I figure someone else has made the decision, so I'll trust their judgement. With these projects, though, I had a true opportunity to make a choice...and I have to say I like it!

I like to collect's been awhile since I've bought any, but I just love the way it looks all wrapped up in bobbins and waiting to be used...see, isn't it pretty??

Pretty pretty thread!

The other project that I'm doing for WOCS requires a pink or red thread, but Knotted Hearts could be any color you wanted. I looked at the images of squares already turned in, but decided to channel my daughter for both projects. See, my six year old daughter, T, is the ultimate girly girl. She loves makeup and princesses and jewelry and dresses and all sorts of things her tomboy mom didn't love growing up. It's fun experiencing those things as a mom with her, though. And in that tradition and recognizing that pink and purple are by far her absolute favorite colors, I decided to use a variegated purple (DMC 102) and very dark violet (DMC 550) with Knotted Hearts and a variegated cranberry (DMC 107) for the other project.

My pretty and girly threads in honor of my daughter!

So while D was resting today, I started on Knotted Hearts. I got the complete outline done with the dark violet:
This picture from my cell phone -really- doesn't do the color justice

And then started on the inside with the variegated purple:
Pretty purple!

Since I actually have to be at work the rest of this week and can't just stay home stitching (hubby is staying home with D for one more day tomorrow), I figure I can have this done by the weekend to ship out in time for the deadline, and then I'll tackle the other project too!

I'm really liking how this is looking, and the pretty purple ORTs for my TUSAL jar make me smile too!

Until next time, keep stitching!


  1. The bobbins do look pretty wrapped up. I recently started switching all my Stitchbows to regular bobbins. I haven't made a dent in my stash. I must have 500 skeins. ack!

    I love your start. Great color choices!

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Yes, your threads do look lovely all together.
    Your knotted hears project is lovely!
    Hope your little one is better soon.

  3. I think you've made excellent colour choices. Good luck meeting the deadlines.

  4. Great start! And those are pretty colors you chose for the design :)

  5. Hello,just found your blog,and became one of your new followers.

    Hope your little man will be feeling better soon.

    Nice colour choices for your new project.You will have that jar filled in no time.