Monday, July 30, 2012

Word of Advice

In case you were ever wondering if it was fun to fall down half a flight of stairs......I'm telling you's not.....ow......

My klutzy self slipped on our stairs, which made me slide/bump/crash down about 7 steps until I hit the ground, and it feels like  a mack truck has run over me. So needless to say, no stitching for me tonight...

I did make some progress on a few things yesterday, though.

First, I picked out the fabrics for Knotted Heart and Have A Heart and put both in the mail yesterday to be added to their respective quilts. What do you think?

Have A Heart With Fabric

Knotted Hearts With Fabric
 I also got the badges done on the front part of my daughter's Daisy of my followers asked about a "sew your own badge on" badge. Trust me...once these girls hit Brownies when they're in second grade, I'm putting needle and thread in hand to teach them how to cross stitch and stitch on their own badges!

Front Is Done!

I have about four or five badges left to sew on the back. I had planned on doing that tonight, but that didn't happen......maybe tomorrow......

I also picked up The World of Cross Stitching Issue 192 and The Best of Kooler Design Studio while I was out getting the fabric......I don't subscribe to any magazines currently, and The World of Cross Stitching is a UK magazine that I cannot justify the price for a subscription. I figure I can peek in it when I see it at a store and if there are at least three patterns in the magazine that I can see myself doing, I will buy it at the store. That definitely happened this time as there are several projects I can see myself doing! And the Kooler Design Studio Book is just a treasure trove! There are very few patterns in the book I didn't like!

Hopefully I'll feel more like stitching tomorrow...I really wanted to get my daughter's vest done and work on Italian Vista tonight, but it just wasn't happening. Maybe tomorrow will be better! I can hope!

Until then!


  1. A lovely choice of fabric, I hope you feel better after a good nights sleep!

  2. Great fabric choices for your blocks!

  3. Oh Katy, I'm so sorry about your fall down the stairs. You must be in such awful pain. My m-in-l fell on Sunday and she looks like she was hit by a bus or maybe mugged by some hooligans. She is almost 89 and had to have 4 stitches over her eye. Hope you feel better real soon. Love your projects for our group, WOCS. Peggy

  4. heehee it was me said they should DIT (do it themselves).
    If you don't get every issue of WOCS you should look at the page on my blog called Magazine Contents. Each month I post a pic of the contents page for any UK mag I've bought so people can see it and decide if they want to get it themselves. I currently subscribe to WOCS and Cross Stitch Collection so every issue will be on my page.

    Hope this helps you in a small way. If there's a project you'd like a closer look at let me know but I don't email the charts!