Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to the Italian Vista

I would love to be preparing to board a plane that would fly me halfway around the world and to the beautiful Tuscan countryside......I can just imagine me sitting on a porch, glass of wine in hand, enjoying the peace and solitude of the beautiful countryside......

Since I can't have that anytime soon, I'll escape with my Italian Vista WIP! Not quite the same thing, but hey, a girl can dream!

I haven't worked on Italian Vista in awhile while I did the WOCS projects, so I was happy to pick it up again today. With the Olympics on (which I watched despite already knowing the results...thanks CNN), I think I made some good progress tonight!

Start of the night:
As of 7/22/12

End of the night:
As of 7/31/12
Thanks to those who left comments and messages about my little stumble down the stairs. I feel much better today...sore, yes, but nothing broken and nothing that a few days and a glass of wine or two won't help! Ha!

I'm off to bed, so I hope everyone has wonderfully stitchy dreams tonight!

Until then!

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