Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Love the Flames

Truly, I think in my rotation at this point, this is my favorite piece. Yes, I nearly go blind with the 25 count linen fabric whose color blends in with some of the threads and whose stitches are done over one, but I just absolutely love this piece. Here is my progress as of today:
As of 12/9/12
I don't think it will be a problem to finish up the page this week. The main areas still left to stitch in the flame wings are primarily made up of only a few colors. Hopefully I'll be able to go through them quickly!

Off to bed for me - I feel like it's the night before the first day of school all over again with my new job starting tomorrow! I'm excited and nervous all at once!

Until next time!


  1. Good luck for tomorrow. Flame is looking great:)

  2. Good luck tomorrow and Flames is looking really good!

  3. That is looking lovely. Good luck with the new job

  4. It's really looking lovely. I can imagine how hard some of the stitching is, though! Keep at it, I bet it's going to be so rewarding when you're done :D

  5. Your flames are filling in nicely! Love those colors! Have a great first day at work tomorrow!

  6. Great progress Katy. Good luck on your new job.


  7. Good for you stitching on that colour, my eyes would not cope with it.