Sunday, December 2, 2012

Picture Heavy Post!

A little bit of everything in today's post...first, Italian Vista!

Here's where we were at when we last saw Italian Vista:
Italian Vista - Start of Rotation Week
And here we are today after a bit of work:
As of 12/2/12

I also finally started cleaning out my mom cave. When we moved, I insisted I would get a room all to myself for my things that I can escape to, work on crafts, or at the very least, keep everything organized! Since we moved in back in June, this has been a catch all room for junk, but I started clearing some of it out. I have one corner organized for now...I won't dare show you the rest of the room, but here's what I have at this point!

This is the corner as a whole at this point:

A better shot of the bookshelf. The bottom row of books are filled with beautiful hard leather bound and gold edged classics that I inherited from my grandfather, plus a few other classics. The middle row are my  two favorite series of books that I wanted to keep in hard copy  even after downloading electronic versions. The top row is stash! From the blue binder to the right are all of my materials (at this point) for my Crazy January Challenge. The binders and magazines on the left are other patterns.

Top of the bookshelf with a lamp, one of my penguins, thread stash not being used in any other project right now, and some printed out and divided HAED patterns that need to be filed away:

My stash pot, haha! This pot holds fabrics, patterns, kits, etc., that I'm not currently working on that I can sort through when I'm looking for something.

A better shot of the pot. This is actually a flower pot that my daughter's kindergarten class mod podged last year as part of a school fundraiser entry in a silent auction. I had to have it!

One last thing! Tonight I went to my mom's for dinner, and she has her house nearly completely decorated for Christmas, which I love. Back when my husband and I got married in 2002, we were fresh out of college with basic entry level jobs and no real money for Christmas gifts, so I found an inexpensive plastic canvas kit and made this for my mother for Christmas that year:
Ho, ho, ho!
She has it displayed with her big Santa collection every year and told me again tonight how much she loves this piece. It's usually under glass and propped up on display. Add this to the list of old finishes with no other information, but I love it!

Until next time!


  1. Lucky girl having your own craft room. I love the pot:)

  2. italian vista is looking good - thats a cute quirky lamp you have there - hugs, Amanda

  3. You've made a good start on sorting out your craft room - hopefully it won't be long before it's a complete crafting haven for you.

  4. Your corner looks very cozy....especially love the project pot! I had a similar situation when my two older daughters moved out and I could FINALLY have my "craft room". It was overwhelming at first, but once I started I got more and more motivated. You've made a great start!
    I love the Santa you made for your Mom. It's so sweet that she still loves it and displays it every year!

  5. Beautiful bookshelf! I have this addiction to books, and my husband rolls his eyes every time I come home with a new pile - we just don't have the room! You're always so organized, Katy, I love it

  6. Great progress on your WIP! It will be hard work clearing that room out if it was anything like mine (boxes of junk) but SOOOO worth it in the end! :)

  7. Great looking corner in your craft room. I love the pot your daughter made. I see you have another Dimensions kit in there. Italian Vista is gorgeous. I love it.


  8. How wonderful to have a room set aside just for your sewing. Lucky you.

  9. How nice that your mom proudly displays the Santa you stitched for her so long ago! Handmade gifts are the best!