Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bad, Bad Blogger...

I've been such a bad blogger of late...not due to a lack of things to post about or a desire to post, but more a lack of energy! Of course, I'm saying that at 12:09 AM when I should be sound asleep in bed, but I'm wide time to get caught up!

I haven't been stitching every day, but I have been continuing with the March Madness theme this month (a full update on that to come on Friday, hopefully!), so I have lots of different pieces I've been working on!

Since my last update, I worked some more on the border for Christmas Countdown and went from this:

to this:
As of 3/9/13
Then I moved on to American Flag Quilt Sampler and went from this:
To this:
As of 3/12/13
Then it was on to Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love:

which grew to this:
As of 3/13/13
And then finally there is Celtic Christmas Ornament #4, which started here:
and ended here:
As of 3/14/13
Not a bad bit of stitching progress if I do say so myself! I've also discovered a new vendor on facebook who is making some really beautiful hand dyed floss for incredibly reasonable prices! I mean, look at all of these beauties!
Really, this picture doesn't do these gorgeous threads justice! Do I have pieces for them right now? No, but I love having them for my stash! Head on over to Mo's Sale on facebook (you'll have to join a group) to see these colors and more!

I also late on posting my TUSAL this month, but here we go!

Last month:

This month:

Last month:

This month:

That's a lot of thread! I love seeing all of the colors build up bit by bit!

Whew, now that is a pretty extensive update! That's what I get for not blogging more regularly! Hopefully life will slow down a bit and I won't get this far behind again!

Until next time!


  1. We've missed you, Katy! Hope things settle down a little with you. All your progress is beautiful! I can't believe how many pieces you're juggling right now

  2. SO many great pieces - love the American Flag Sampler. That is something I think I would love to stitch.

  3. Great progress on all your projects! Pretty threads too!

  4. Great progress on everything Katy.


  5. Everything looks great, Katy! You've done so much on Celtic Christmas Ornament. I've been to Mo's Sale too, but didn't order anything yet. Your lovely pile of floss will be sure to bring in more customers!

  6. Wonderful progress. My friend, Katrina is also working on that Christmas project - but she's working on the calendar first and then will do the ornaments. At least I think that's her plan. Beauty and the Beast is really coming along nicely.

  7. Great progress on your wips, they are looking lovely

  8. Those dyed threads are soooo pretty - they would make some beautiful biscornu or I bet they would work up some really pretty blackwork patterns :) And very nice progress on Beauty and the Beast - I have a special place in my heart for that one :)