Thursday, March 28, 2013

WIPocalypse - March Edition

It's time for another WIPocalypse update! I feel both good about my progress this month and at the same time disappointed I haven't done more!

The theme for this month is:

March 27 – Themes: Designer – Chatelaine, Style – Springtime, Colors – Green and Yellow

I currently don't have any Chatelaine pieces in my WIPocalypse rotation, but I used this as the perfect excuse to add my first Chatelaine to my stash - Alhambra Garden!
Alhambra Garden
Isn't it just beautiful! I will need to find the perfect hand dyed fabric to stitch it on, but I think this piece is just gorgeous! So thrilled to have it in my collection!

The other two themes this month I definitely have made progress with, as every single one of my WIPocalypse pieces were touched this month, some more than once!

Italian Vista - This covers both the Springtime theme with it being so full of life as well as the Green and Yellow theme. Here it was at the start of the year:
And here is the progress up to this point:

Next is European Bistro, which also has the month's theme colors! Here it was at the start of the year:
And now:

Flames of Desire - There is definitely a lot of yellow in this piece! Here it was at the start of the year:
 And here it is now:

Christmas Countdown - Doesn't fit the subject theme, but definitely the colors as I worked a lot on yellow and green borders! Here it was at the start of the year:
And now:

My Witch's Brew - This one is a stretch for the theme...but there is green smoke in the cauldron, and yellow helps to make the orange colors throughout when you mix with red...yeah...that's it!! At the start of the year:
And now:

And finally, Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love definitely falls into the spring time theme with all of the flowers in it, and there is a lot of yellows and greens in the piece as well! Before:
And now:

Not bad, not bad at all!

Until next time!


  1. Wow! You have achieved so much this year - so many beautiful WIPs and I love your new Mandala.

  2. Great progress! Alhambra is in my stitching pile - I have just started one of the small mini garden Chatelaines. Once I have stitched the 3 of them I will be starting Alhambra. My fingers are itching to start that one :)

  3. Great progress on all your pieces Katy.


  4. Seriously not bad at all! Great progress on all the pieces

  5. Wow, you're going to stitch a chatelaine! I love watching all your progress. Your Witch's Brew is almost done!

  6. You made great progress during the month =)

    I love the Chatelaine design you got =) I hope you'll find a beautiful fabric soon and will start it =)