Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Accomplishments and August Goals

So a couple of people I follow have posted goals and accomplishments of the month for various SAL's they are involved in. Instead of signing up for another SAL, I think I'll just start my own posts to help me keep track of what I want to do each month and keep me organized!

July Accomplishments
- Started stitching again, period! Yay! And the bug is back in full force!
- Started this blog! Yay again!
- Completed Knotted Hearts for WOCS
- Completed Have a Heart for WOCS
- Started on Italian Vista

August Goals
- Complete birdhouse project for WOCS that I've signed up for
- Pull out Christmas Countdown and complete at least half of the remaining ornaments (I've completed 6 already from when I first started this a long time ago - will post pictures later)
- Start European Bistro
- Make more progress with Italian Vista

I'm going to figure out how many stitches each big WIP has so I can keep track of how far along I am too...that's going to take some serious counting!

Off to stitch! Have a wonderful night!


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