Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beauty and the Beast Falling In Love

Just a quick post today. Being laid up with a bad back did give me an opportunity to spend some time on Beauty and the Beast Falling In Love:

Here is how things look when I put it away last night:

I am feeling better today but will be taking it easy one more day to be sure. Time to get stitching!

Until next time!


  1. Oh you are doing a great job. I love those colors.

    Sorry to hear about your back. I hope it gets better soon.

    In the meantime you could join in this weekend for IHSW. You can find out about it on my blog.

    I am a new follower to your blog!

  2. Lovely progress, Katy! Glad your back is feeling better.

  3. Lovely colours and great progress! Hope you are feeling better soon.