Saturday, February 28, 2015


It snowed! No, it's not feet of snow like up north, but it's enough that my kids were thrilled and spent some time in the backyard playing after school.

Yes, that's a horse in the background between the trees. For all that I tell people that no, not all Texans ride horses and live on ranches and have oil wells in their backyard, there is a small farm property behind us that the horse belongs to. And I live very close to Southfork Ranch of Dallas fame. Anyway, enough of the Texas stereotypes for now! Ha!

All of our weekend activities have been cancelled (though my daughter said she thought playing soccer in the snow would have been fun!), and it's still snowy and icy today with freezing rain covering the metroplex. I don't plan on leaving the house at all, which is great since I have a new start today, and both Story Time Sampler and Walking Through The Stars Zodiac have their next parts coming out this weekend! Yay!

Yesterday, I spent some time working on Italian Vista.

I focused on the water again - the half stitches go quickly and I was very pleased with my progress.

Off to my lovely day full of stitching and staying warm and inside!

Until next time!


  1. I so love this design. Looks like the kids are having fun.


  2. At least it is just a little snow and it should melt fast, but it looks like the kids are really enjoying it! Italian going to look great when you finish it.

  3. Beautiful stitching!
    Enjoy the snow. From all of us in the Cleveland area, you can have it!!

  4. Great update! Love the snow pic.

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