Friday, February 6, 2015

St. Peter's

This month marks ten years since my husband and I went to Italy before we started our family. I've already talked a lot about my love of Italy, and the piece I worked on last night is near and dear to my heart as a result.

St. Peter's Cathedral in Vatican City is one of my absolute favorite churches in the world. We are Roman Catholic, so there is the religious significance of course, but besides that, it's just a fantastic work of art. Between the architectural details and all of the paintings and sculptures and historically significant pieces in the actual Cathedral itself, it is one of the places that I think everyone should see at least once in their life. Between our semester in Rome and our trip a decade ago, I've spent many, many hours in it and have not yet seen it all.

One of the best parts of the Cathedral is the ability to climb to the top of the dome and look out over Rome. Now, the walk up is scary. Slanting walls, shaking ropes, knee high barriers, it is not for the faint of heart (or those scared of heights, as I am! But I've climbed it twice!) but it is beautiful! You won't get another view of Rome like the one you see up there!

Now, before I show you my progress from last night, I have to share a few pictures from our trip.

This is me at the 'first stop' on the walk up to the top of the dome. This is actually on top of the Cathedral itself, and there is a store up on the top run by a group of nuns. Many people stop at this point and don't keep going!

But here is the view from the top of the dome. It's just stunning, even on a cloudy day!

Then I have to share this picture because it's the closest picture I have to what this pattern will look like when it's done - I took this at the end of the Bridge of Angels, which is actually shown in the piece, but hey, I think this looks awfully familiar!

Here is my progress from last night, the real reason for this post!

There are lots of  "squashed" crosses and even some crosses that are "off" of their main line to give a different perspective in this piece. It's colors are far more muted than most of my other pieces, but it made it a very relaxing stitch. I'm looking forward to this piece growing!

Until next time!


  1. Despite all of the fiddly stitching John Clayton charts turn out just awesome!!! Wow I haven't been over to Europe yet!

  2. Gorgeous photos and you are quite right breathtaking scenery. Enjoy your stitching of this piece.

  3. Rome is sooooooooo on my bucket list! And Florence ... I must be drawn to domes!! For now your pics will have to whet my appetite.

  4. Amazing pictures Katy. You have made a great start.


  5. I love your photos - I have many very similar ones from our trip! I think my favourite part was the Scavi tour in the excavations under st peters, they only allow so many people in a day and we had to book a few months in advance but it was amazing seeing all the things under this already impressive building!

  6. That is going to be so pretty, and what a great reminder of your trip.

  7. Love all your photos. So much fun to be so in love with a project.