Friday, February 13, 2015

The Little Mermaid

Yesterday I was able to put a little time into my next new start, The Little Mermaid by Thomas Kinkade. This is part of the Disney Collection - there are something like twelve pieces in total in the series so far, give or take a couple, but every one I've seen, I want to do!

Here is how far I was able to get last night:

It's not much, but it's a start!

I have hit one snag with this kit, though. Hopefully I'll get it resolved before it becomes too much of an issue. See, these kits come with all the thread pre-sorted already, which is fantastic. Especially when there are color names like "Very Dark Bright Green" or "Light Dull Purple". I would go mad trying to divide them myself. Though they are divided, the threads are uncut and loose in their cards, so I take some time before starting to cut the threads in half and secure them so I don't lose any floss as I work. The problem was discovered when I was going to secure "Light Bright Purple":

I may have had an issue distinguishing between all the different shades of purples, blues and greens, but this is definitely not purple. It actually matches another color in the pattern, Medium Yellow Grey. The codes for these in the pattern are one number apart - 6337 for Light Bright Purple versus 6237 for the Medium Yellow Grey. I'm assuming the mix up just came from reading the numbers wrong. I've contacted the vendor, MCG Textiles, to see if they can send me the right color. If worse comes to worse, I am sure I can find a shade of purple in my stash that could work, but I'd prefer not to if I can help it. Fingers crossed we can get this resolved!

Until next time!


  1. I like these designs, but I am not a fan of kits. Do you know if these are also sold as just charts? (Great start!)

  2. Love your new start Katy. I have a few of these kits but I'm kinda afraid to start them. I have read several issues that people are having with them.


  3. I've also read of issues with these kits. Hope you get the thread sorted. It's a beautiful kit and you made a great start!

  4. Lovely new start! Good luck getting the thread issue resolved. Fingers crossed! :D

  5. Lovely new start! I really like these kits, though I have heard they have the occasional issue. I think it's a smaller company.

  6. Yep I had the exact same problem with my kit! As I bought it while I was away on holiday in America I decided to just sub it with something in my stash, I went for DMC 210

  7. I love the pattern but kits drive me nuts too. Good luck getting it sorted out.

  8. I had the same problem with my kit as well. I found your blog when I did a google search. Did you ever get a hold of MCG textiles? Did they send you the missing strands of purple?