Monday, June 8, 2015

Angel of Cross Stitch

The first (alphabetically) of my 30+ Stitch Maynia pieces was back in the hoop yesterday! I was excited to get to work on Angel of Cross Stitch by Joan Elliott again.

The last time I worked on her, I didn't get very far in my start. I made a goal to try to finish all the white in her skirt on the page I was working on, since it would give a good guide for the skirt details and moving beyond it, and I succeeded! Here is where I stopped yesterday:

Yay! It's very difficult to tell in this picture, but I'm doing this on 28 Jobelan in Seafoam from Hand Dyed Fabrics By Stephanie, which is a beautiful, subtle green color which is just lovely. It's just hard to capture it in a picture!

Until next time!


  1. Just calling in to say hi on the A- Z Challenge Road Trip. This looks like a beautiful piece. Carolyn from

  2. Great start! Beautiful project!

  3. You've done a lot of stitches, looking pretty:)

  4. Great start! This is a beautiful design. love Annette

  5. Amazing progress, that's a lot of white.

  6. Great progress. I hate trying to capture the colour of things lol