Monday, June 22, 2015

Elf's Garden and A Prayer Request

I know I've mentioned it before, and I'm sure I will mention it again, but Soda Stitch patterns just make me smile! I don't know if it's the colors used or the subject matter or what, but they are an absolute joy to stitch. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working on Elf's Garden.

I was able to make some significant progress on the Summer Elf yesterday - once I get into a groove with these patterns, no matter how many color changes, it just seems to flow easily!

It will look even better when I get all of the backstitching in too! I'm using 32 Belfast in Wildflowers from Under The Sea Fabrics for this one. I just love it.

Oh, and I've had several people ask at one time or another where they can find Soda Stitch patterns. I buy all of mine on eBay, personally. Just follow this link if you are interested, but I warn you! There are so many adorable patterns on the site! I know I have more I want to get (yes, yes, I know I have too many patterns in my stash already. So sue me!).

Also, one more note. I saw on Facebook yesterday that Joan Elliott, one of my favorite designers, was in a rather serious car accident. She was hit head on by a trailer that got unhitched and came into her lane and she is in the hospital for a punctured lung and broken bones. Word has it she has posted that she is being well taken care of, hopes to be back home on Wednesday and is very grateful to be alive, but if you can spare a good thought or prayer for a smooth and as painless a recovery as possible, I'm sure she would appreciate it!

Until next time!


  1. Watching your progress makes me smile. Love the little fairies. Can't wait to see the backstitching pop the details out. I saw that about Joan. So scary.

  2. Looking lovely! Its always so nice when you can stitch on something you just love!

  3. Nice progress Katy. Thanks for the link.


  4. Wonderful progress, Katy :-) Those are adorable patterns. You can never have too many!

  5. You can never have enough Soda stitch, I even commend you, lol. They really are pretty and cute, thanks for the link. I have three books by Joan, thanks for the info, will be saying a little prayer for her fast recovery.

  6. Good progress! Such an adorable pattern, and so pretty on that fabric!

  7. So cute and looking great on that gorgeous fabric! Sad news about Joan Elliott, hope she is ok.

  8. Beautiful progress! These designs are so cute :D