Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fall Fairy

Yesterday I was very tired and had a long day (it was definitely a Monday!) so I didn't get a ton of stitching done yesterday but I did work some on Fall Fairy from Dimensions Gold Collection.

I primarily worked more on her hair in this part of the pattern yesterday. Here is where I finished up:

I'm moving along slowly but surely! Also, the Sneak Peek for the next installment of the Story Time Sampler came out:

Based on the clue that the Pumpkins gave about this being from a poem AND the fact that they let us know this one was going to be one of the choices when the SAL first started, my guess is that this is the Lady of Shalott! We shall see this evening when it comes out!

Until next time!


  1. Lovely progress. This is a very beautiful piece, looking forward to see her grow. Happy stitching:)

  2. Nice start :) I love Dimensions Gold kits they're what I started stitching on

  3. Beautiful progress, Katy. This is one that was added to my wish list after your last video! Have fun with the Sampler.

  4. I love this design, I've seen it finished & it is simply stunning :) So, congrats for adding a few crosses to it!

  5. Finally getting time to catch up on blog posts. Love your WIP. Great job on her!

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