Monday, June 15, 2015

The Silver Needle and A Finish!

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? Let me warn you in advance, this is going to be a long and picture filled post! Ha!

This past weekend, I went with my husband to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a mini weekend vacation. He was riding in the Tulsa Tough bike races (two 100+ mile races in two days for him! Have I mentioned my husband is crazy? HAHA!), but I was most excited to get a chance to go to The Silver Needle in Tulsa!

Let me just say I know what Heaven to a cross stitcher looks like now! Ha! I'll let the pictures tell the story first.

4000 square feet of stitching goodness! It was overwhelming, honestly. From all of the patterns and fabrics and flosses and silks and the MODELS! Oh my goodness, there were models EVERYWHERE. If a space wasn't filled with something to buy, it was filled with a model. I could have spent so many hours there and never have seen it all. The staff was incredibly sweet and friendly, too. Some of my fellow Stitch Mayniacs and I are already plotting out a road trip in the future to go back! And I could have spent a lot more money than I did, but I did walk away with some stash. How could I not??

Aren't they lovely? They are...

1. Queen of the Needle by Just Nan - not at all my normal style but it was screaming for me and I love it! You all know sometimes you just have to listen to the piece calling for you the loudest!

2. Fairy Tales by Mirabilia

3. Queen of Freedom by Mirabilia

4. Miss New Year's Fairy Kit by Mirabilia - I already have Miss Valentine in my rotation and The Easter Fairy in my stash. Three down, three to go!

5. Peacock Alphabet by Just Nan

6. ABC's of Parenting Kit by Lizzie Kate - I'm seriously considering doing this one for the A to Z challenge next year.

Shopping and adding to my stash weren't the only thing I did this weekend! While hubby was racing, I was stitching! Friday started the week long Orange is the New Black SAL with the Stitch Maynia group. The "rules" were that you had to stitch on something that had orange and/or black in it, whether it was fabric, floss, whatever! I haven't gotten to watch the new season yet because hubby likes the show too, but I did stitch! I decided to work on Floss Daily by Wee Little Stitches and since I was on vacation, I only worked on this piece this past weekend instead of my normal rotation and I was able to finish it!

Floss Daily by Wee Little Stitches
Started: 5/19/15
Finished: 6/14/15
Stitched on 28 ct. Jobelan in Frosted Pumpkin from Hand Dyed Fabrics By Stephanie using flosses from Mo's Sale

This ended up having over 40 different flosses from Mo's Sale in it! The full list includes:

First Row (l-r): Merida, Omaha, Amy Pond, Rarity, Ariel, Gold, Searching for Elsa and Reef

Second Row: Dorothy

Third Row (l-r): Tahiti, Cotton Candy, Van Goth, Snow White, Rose Tyler, Pumpkin Patch, Hope and Tiana

Fourth Row: Daffodils and Peonies

Fifth Row: Magnolia

Sixth Row: Petunia and Mint Julep

Seventh Row (l-r): Sword, Hibiscus, Fire Pit, Berry, Jelly, Mardi Gras, Emily and Disco

Eighth Row: Pride

Ninth Row (l-r): Western Bluebird, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Iron Man, Hulk, Pinkie Pie, Bell Cay and Kristoff

I had a lot of fun with this piece! It was a fast stitch and I plan on finding a basic white frame to frame it up so it can have a place in my mom cave when it's done!

Whew, I think that's all for now! Time to start getting back into the swing of things!

Until next time!


  1. I want to move in, that's amazing!

  2. Now that is an awesome store!!!!

    Floss Daily turned out great!

  3. Wow! I'll have to remember this place if I ever go to Oklahoma

  4. What an awesome shop Katy. I'm glad I'm in Calif. or I would probably spend my house payment in there. lol Congrats on the cute finish.


  5. Congrats - Floss Daily is beautiful!!! Fantastic store, Thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos. I am clicking on each one -LOL!! You sure got to bring home some beautiful charts. When you stitch those you will be reminded of your shopping adventure! love Annette

  6. What a fun time! Congrats to your hubby for such a wonderful achievement. And, yes, I think he's crazy, too! Ooh, drool, drool, stitch heaven :-) Count me in for the next road trip. Stitch Mayniacs? Is that a Facebook group? Love all your new charts, especially the Lizzie Kate. Congrats on the terrific finish! So pretty, so many colors. I'm still in the beginning of season 2 of the show. Take care :-)

  7. Lovely finish! Thanks for sharing these great photos, now you have us wishing our hubbies take us to Tulsa, haha. Great stash you got:)

  8. Congrats on a lovely finish. Thank you for a virtual tour of cross stitch heaven.

  9. Wow, look at that store! That's amazing. Great new stash! Congrats on the finish too :D

  10. Wow your hubby is crazy. I bet he hurt afterward. Love your stitching store pics. If I drive 2 hours north west I can go to House of Stitches. It looks a lot like your photos. It's so nice to see such beautiful stores like this. Love your new stash. Love your finish too! Adorable!!

  11. That looks so much fun, You did well to restrain yourself, I'd have come out with massive bags full of stuff!

    Well done on the lovely finish :)

  12. o man, I could probably spend hours upon hours in there! I suddenly have a great desire to visit Oklahoma ahaha. Congrats on restraining yourself and for the super cute finish! Mo's Floss really shines on this piece. :D

  13. wow ! That's stitching heaven! Lovely finish as well

  14. wow ! That's stitching heaven! Lovely finish as well