Thursday, June 4, 2015

Walking Through The Stars Zodiac Sampler - Gemini Complete

Gemini is finished!

The picture isn't that great, but it was late when I took it! I'm doing this on 32 Belfast in Black Magic from Under The Sea Fabrics using all flosses and silks from Mo's Sale except for white and black. Here is the completed piece at this point:

I really love this piece, it just gets more awesome with each installment! Now, as with the past installments, this section came with information all about Gemini, which happens to be my sign.

Gemini – May 21 – June 20

Gemini is the Latin translation of the Greek Didymoi, "the Twins"

Gemini has an abundance of intellectual energy. This energy must be expressed and they seldom suffer in silence. Gemini is charming and life is more interesting and beautiful with them around.

Gemini can make quick changes in any aspect of life. They cannot bear to be bored.

Gemini has many sides, making them great company, rarely boring. They're social creatures, and stay current on the most interesting gossip, cultural events, new restaurants and shows. They're deft communicators and social observers. Many end up in journalism, as bloggers, and in fields where schmoozing is in the job description, like sales, promotion, politics.

At the extreme edges, Gemini is duplicitous, unreliable and unable to commit to one thing and do it well.

Gemini thrives on collecting bits and pieces, and rearranging it all into new forms. They're mischievous, and have a childlike side. Moods can be erratic, making it hard to find discipline or a singular focus. Gemini loves to have lots of friends, and likes the familiarity &of the neighborhood (shops, cafes, passersby).

Constellation: Gemini, the Twins

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Stone: Citrine

Metal: Quicksilver

Phrase: "I think"

Colors: yellow and sky blue, kaleidoscopic, stripe or spotted, swirls

Animals: birds, especially talking parrots, swallows, magpies, mockingbirds, sparrows. Trickster creatures like monkeys, weasels or hyenas. Buzzing insects, grasshoppers, ladybugs, butterflies

Birth Flower: Lavender and Lily of the Valley flowers. Lavender is a heavenly scented flower that spreads rapidly and can overtake a garden. It attracts butterflies but repels pesky ants. Like lavender, Geminis can be all over the place, being pulled in a hundred different directions. Luckily, you can multitask, which makes you very productive and creative. As lavender attracts butterflies, the Gemini attracts people who find him/her fun-loving, full of life and clever. Geminis make great friends and companions.

Additional options are: Maiden hair ferns, Orchids, Chrysanthemums, Lilacs and Azaleas.

I thought it was pretty accurate! What do you think?

Until next time!


  1. I am the complete opposite of a social creature and wouldn't say I was unreliable. However, I do have a mischievous and childlike side to me :)

  2. Congrats on the finish, Katy! It looks great. Very interesting info about Geminis! I can already see some of those traits in my one-year-old; she's very social, loves to be heard, and wants to do everything at once.

  3. This is turning into such a fun SAL. Some of the Gemini traits hold true for me, others not quite so much. I am definitely not a social creature, at least not in person hah. But I think "I think" fits perfectly though :D

  4. I'm not a social creature too, but mischievous and childlike? hmmm.."I think" I do get along well with younger ones than oldies, lol.

  5. Love it! This piece is coming along so beautifully :D

  6. This is growing into such a lovely piece! My ex-husband was a Gemini! Some of that is very true about him, he was a great communicator. But also had a complete personality change mid life!! Which is why he's the ex LOL

    1. Married to a Libran now, be interested to see what you say about them!

  7. This is looking wonderful!!! I love how it is turning out and I adore the fabric you chose for the piece.

  8. Oh this is my dad to a tee pretty much. Beautiful stitching!!!

  9. Every time I see this I fall more in love with that beautiful fabric! It is looking amazing and you are doing great work keeping up with the stitching!

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