Friday, July 17, 2015

Pin Up Girls

Yesterday I worked on Pin Up Girls by Soda Stitch.

I really do love this piece even if I'm not sure where I'll hang it up when it's done! Maybe my bedroom. We'll see! Here's where I got to yesterday:

I just love working on the Soda Stitch patterns, even if I did discover yesterday I was missing a couple of colors for this piece! That will soon be rectified! I'm stitching this on 32 Jobelan in Pixie Kiss from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie, which I think is just perfect for these sassy sexy ladies!

Until next time!


  1. The one in the blacknowledgement holdups looks like she's fallen over drunk in the street! Cute chart and as always gorgeous fabric!

  2. Wonderful progress, Katy :-) That fabric is very pretty. Yes, I think the bedroom would be the perfect place for this when it's finished.

  3. Great pattern it's really cute! You've made some great progress too :)

  4. Nice progress on such a cute design Katy.


  5. Love the fabric you're stitching on, you should definitely display it, such cute design always brings a smile:)

  6. Great choice of fabric & lovely start :) Soda Stitch have some lovely designs.