Friday, July 3, 2015

Walking Through The Stars Zodiac Sampler - Cancer

Yesterday I finished up the latest installment of the Walking Through The Stars Zodiac Sampler. This month, the sign was Cancer:

I just love the little crab! He's so adorable! Here is the full piece to date so far:

I really do love this piece. I'm stitching it on 32 Belfast in Black Magic from Under The Sea Fabrics and every month, I'm more and more pleased with the fabric I chose!

As always, this month's installment came with some interesting information about Cancers. I'm curious how accurate you all may find it:

Cancer - June 21 - July 20

Cancer - "the Crab" (Karkinos in Greek, Cancer in Latin).

Cancer begins family time, and beginning of longer days for making memories. Cancer is a homebody, and has a primal need for security on the home front. But the Crab is also ambitious, like other cardinal signs, and is often tenacious when moving toward its goal.

They move indirectly, sensing the undercurrents, and developing strong ties of loyalty among friends and co-workers.

At the extreme edges, Cancer is neurotic, self-absorbed, manipulative, clingy and bogged down in emotional swamps.

Cancer is gifted with a rare sense of timing, which helps in business and love. Some come off as aloof, but are registering everything. A wounded Cancer can be cruel and rejecting -- becoming what they fear the most. Many have crazy close ties with 'Mother' which translates to a lifelong challenge to become emotionally self-sustaining. Cancer's have big hearts and many are artists, putting great emotional force in whatever they do.

Constellation: Cancer, the Crab 

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Moon

Stone: Ruby

Metal: Silver

Phrase: “I feel”

Colors: blues, moonlight hues (pearl, silvery, soft gray, cream, milky white), aquamarine Animals: bears, kangaroos, opossum. Home-carrying types like turtles and snails. Water creatures like the playful otter, shellfish, crabs, lobsters

Birth Flowers: White flowers, especially white roses and cotton flower. Included among Cancer's collection are: Bear's breeches, Morning glories, Geraniums, Lilies, Water lilies, Cabbages, Lotus, Verbena, Southern magnolias, Cow parsley.

Until next time!


  1. Your crab is adorable, Cancer is my sign and a lot of what you wrote was accurate, most of the time the birthstone for Cancer is pearl.

  2. Awesome progress Katy.


  3. It's looking great! I love the combo of gold thread on red fabric!

  4. So cute! My sign is Cancer XD My birthday is in three days.
    I can confirm that the description is mostly true as well. I say mostly because I don't think I'm self-absorbed or manipulative.

    I love your stitching so much and am looking forward to the next update :D

  5. Great progress! It was nice reading about Cancers - I've got a few of them in my life :D

  6. Gorgeous progress! Love watching this one grow.