Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Flames of Desire

Yesterday was Flame of Desire's turn to be in the hoop:

Every time I stitch on this piece I'm so glad I restarted it because I just love it! Some of the reds blend into the fabric for now but won't blend in so much when all of the stitching is complete. And for those that do blend in, well, the fabric (32-count Belfast in Mayan Apocalypse from Under the Sea Fabrics) looks like it is on fire, she is supposed to represent flames, she could easily set the fabric on fire herself!

Until next time!


  1. Wonderful progress Katy.


  2. WOW this is going to be stunning when it's done. That fabric is incredible.

  3. Wow red on red that would drive me buggy but I'm sure she'll be worth it!

  4. That looks complicated to me, you're doing such a terrific job;)

  5. Excellent progress! I don't know how you see the threads against the fabric when you're stitching, but the effect is great :D