Saturday, March 7, 2015

St. Peter's

How's this for Texas weather? Yesterday my children were bundled up to go run around in the five inches of snow in the backyard. Today, I wore a t-shirt outside while running around to pick up the kids from school. Gotta love the bipolar nature of Texas weather!

Last night I put a few stitches into St. Peter's.

I wasn't able to sit down and stitch until late, so I didn't get much in, but I did work in enough stitches to cover the full width of the piece now.

Though really, this isn't that wide of a piece!

Today was the last day of school before Spring Break, and my kids already have a list of things they want to do while they're off school for the next nine days. I'm exhausted already thinking about it, but one of the items on the list is rearranging my daughter's room so I can take some of the things stored in my craft room and move them to her room, like a desk, some art supplies, etc. This will move me one step closer to getting my craft room cleared out so I can build it exactly as I want! I've been doing lots of exploring on Pinterest for ideas on how to set up the room, including storage for floss, fabric, beads and more. I really am excited to get this room of mine done. It'll be the first time I've had a room that I can call completely and solely "mine" since I started sharing my bedroom when I was seven years old, and I'll be 35 in May! That's a long time!

Until next time!


  1. Great progress on your piece, it looks lovely. Good luck with the Spring break activities.

  2. Pinterest has so many cool ideas for craft rooms. Have fun setting yours up.

  3. Lovely progress! Pinterest can be addictive :D Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Hope you're having a great Spring Break with the kids! I start mine at the end of this week and I can't wait!!!

    I look forward to pictures of your craft room in the future!

  5. Beautiful progress. Good luck getting your you room all setup the way you like it.