Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Cross Stitch Flashback

My paternal grandparents were massive Christmas decorators. Two or three trees, a massive Christmas village, Santa's galore - you name it, they had it. I attribute my love of Christmas decorations to them as they started ornament collections for all of us and have added to them every year, plus I received a Fontanini nativity set as a gift after my Confirmation. My first cross-stitch piece I ever completed was one I finished for my maternal grandmother (will take a picture next time I'm at her house), but this piece is the second piece I ever finished:
A Christmas Nativity
I couldn't tell you the name of the piece now or who made it. I know it was in a kit, and the frame came with it. It was a huge source of pride for me as a 13 or 14 year old to finish this and give it to my grandparents, who always had it up during Christmas. We're talking nearly 20 years ago now that I finished this piece. My grandfather passed away several years ago, and my father and aunts recently moved my grandmother to an Alzheimer's facility. They are cleaning out her cottage to put things in storage and came across this piece among the Christmas decorations and wanted to make sure I got it back. The frame needs to be fixed and the piece needs to be more securely adhered to it, but this is definitely a special piece to me and will be a treasured Christmas decoration for the rest of my life!

I worked more on the back stitching for May Lily of the Valley Teacup today! I finished the flowers, one of the two green colors for the leaves and stems and started on the second green for the leaves. I think this is going to easily be finished either tomorrow or Saturday!
As of 11/8/12
Oh, one more personal note, my interview session today went very well and I have one more tomorrow afternoon - it will be round seven of interviews and will hopefully be the last!

Until next time!


  1. teacup look great and what a fantastic story about your grandparents. It's a beautiful stitch too. good luck with the interview.

  2. Wow, you're really moving through the back-stitching quickly! Good luck with the last interview!

  3. Love your Xmas stitching - how lovely to find a special piece again after all these years. What are the interviews for?

  4. Lovely teacup... Nearly finished!!

  5. that was a big piece of stitching to do for a young girl - how great to get it back after all these years. your teacup is looking pretty :)

  6. Such a sentimental piece, it will continue to be special and you can even pass it on to your children or grandchildren!

    Teacup is looking great :)

  7. How wonderful it found its way back to you. So very special.. Prayers for your grandmother, Alzheimers is not easy.

    Good luck on your interview

  8. wow, you stitched that as a child? Lovely! I have a piece in a similar frame from the same era (only I was an adult!!) I painted my frame bright red and the stitching is a Christmas House. I've seen others in the same style too.
    I wonder if you can still buy them?