Saturday, November 3, 2012

End of Rotation Week and More Stash!

Today was a lovely day. I had a phone interview (primarily personality based conducted by a third party firm), and I went to three craft stores (JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby and Michael's, all within a block of each other) and I got all but three of my DMC threads needed for my Crazy January Challenge! I only missed those three because I forgot to put them on the list...d'oh! I also got some storage boxes for threads and a new one for beads since I'm now amassing a bit of a collection of that! Want to see how much DMC I picked up today?
Lots of DMC!
Now, many of the colors in this pile are repeats. Some of that is because some patterns require multiple skeins of the same color, and other repeats are because the same color is required in multiple charts. I have learned over the years that I prefer to have a separate bobbin of each color for each project I'm working on - so if three projects each call for a skein of the same color, I will buy three skeins of that color. It's not the most financially prudent way to stitch, perhaps, but I prefer to have a bobbin dedicated to each project so I don't forget which project I put a specific color with. Besides, it will just add to my stash for next time if I have any left over! I have already divided these up among each of the patterns and just have to collect the three orphans I forgot on my list and start winding these puppies up! I figure if I do a few each day, I will have them all wound up by the time January rolls around.

The three boxes in the top part of this picture are more thread boxes that I will use to organize the threads for my CJC pieces - I already have two others with the HAED patterns in them. The box on the right is my new bead organizer box! I had to order lots of Mill Hill beads for several of my CJC projects, and I wanted a place to store them all. I got this box with containers in the jewelry section of Michael's and I love it!
Each container screws into the container above it for a stack of five containers per group, with the top container having a lid to attach to it. I wrote the code for each bead on the other side of the containers so I know what is what, but I love this! I think this is a great way for me to store my beads, and I still have plenty of room to add more later on:
Room to grow!
Today is also the end of another rotation week. Tribal Penguin will be put to the side for the next week so I can work on my next piece, but it will be back the week after so that I can try to finish it and send it on it's way to another lucky recipient. Here's where I ended up this week:
Tribal Penguin - End of Rotation Week - 11/3/12
Not nearly as much was completed this week as I would have liked, but I had an extremely busy week work wise and that really hampered my stitching. Hopefully this next week will be better!

Until next time!


  1. Penguin looks great and I look forward to seeing him next week:)

  2. That is EXACTLY the box/container system I use for my beads!! I l-o-v-e it! Awesome stash additions and really great progress on the penguin :)

  3. i love new stash - good luck winding all those bobbins!

  4. You are so organized... I am trying to decide if I want one major floss box for all my Crazy 2013 new starts or each one their own. Love your beads

  5. Sounds like you had a great day! All those threads - wow!

    I love the bead containers too, they are a clever idea and might have to see if I can get hold of one :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  6. I use the round containers for beads too, but I don't have the box to put them in. I wish I'd seen that! Your penguin is looking good. I do like those tribal designs.
    I have to say I agree with having one bobbin of a colour per project. You will have a sore arm if you wind them all at once - a few a day will be more manageable!

  7. What a bunch of threads! How many different colors are these? ;-) I wish it would be so easy for me to pick up threads. I recently misplaced my 640-bobbin and getting a new skin is either very expensive due to shipping costs or I have to take a 3 hour travel to get it... So I'm without it until sometime next year ;-)
    I hope you'll get your three missing colors next time =)

    Great work on the penguin =)

    1. There are 110 colors there....208 skeins of thread total. I'm blessed to have the three shops right in the same complex not far from my house!

  8. Okay I have to get some of those bead containers so much prettier than my old watchmaker cases that and the lids don't screw on.

    That's a lot of great floss!!!!!

  9. This is why we blog so we can pass on our good ideas. I love how you are storing your beads I will be heading to Michaels and purchase one of those containers.
    Happy Stitching

  10. Wow Katy. Thats alot of floss. Many years ago I bought over 400 skeins at one time. Took forever to wind them and hubby helped. As you said, just do a few a night. Love the penguin.


  11. Whoa, that's a lot of floss! I love your organization ideas. Very efficient.

  12. i would have been in my element floss shopping and i think you did good on your penguin

  13. Thats a lot of floss! The Penguin is looking great!

  14. I thought I was lucky to live close to Michael's, JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby, but not within a block of each other! You sure had a happy shopping day. How nice to be ready for the CJC already!