Thursday, November 29, 2012

European Bistro, Crazy January Challenge and HAED Sale!

Thank you for the well wishes - I'm feeling better today! Not 100%, as the crazy Texas weather goes from 35 to 85 degrees in the course of the same day and that's just an invitation to sickness, but I am feeling better. Maybe the fact that tomorrow is the last day at my current job before a week off and starting my new job helps too!

I was able to get back to European Bistro tonight. The bottom half of the windows are outlined and here come the half stitches!
As of 11/29/12

If I'm lucky, maybe I can get both of these window portions filled before the rotation week ends. We'll see!

The fact that tomorrow is November 30th means I have one month left to finish up my preparations for the Crazy January Challenge! Look at the lovely goodies I've received!
Yay for more fabric! I still have one outstanding order for the last of the fabrics I need from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie but I should have that by the end of December. I need to finish bobbinating my thread, make working copies of the patterns I'm doing from magazines, and make sure my kits are organized and ready to go, but I'm sure I'll be ready by the time January 1st rolls around!

Also, enabling alert...if you missed the Cyber Monday 45% off sale at Heaven and Earth Designs, you're in luck! Michele is running a Winter Stash Enhancement Sale from now through midnight 12/3 for 45% off and she's said this is her last "big" sale of the year. I purchased a few charts from the Cyber Monday sale, and may add another one or two in this sale too -it's hard to resist! Here are the patterns I picked up (and just keep forgetting to post) on Cyber Monday:
Mab by Selina Fenech

Cherubina by Selina Fenech
Moonstones by Linda Ravenscroft
I think anyone who has followed my blog and has seen my past purchases shouldn't be too surprised by these. Fenech and Ravenscroft are, by far, my favorite artists on HAED and I just love their work! We'll see if any other pieces join these in my growing stash collection!

Until next time!


  1. You have the best taste in charts:)

  2. Years & years of stitching covered :D

  3. gorgeous HAED's and great progress on EB despite not feeling great. x

  4. Oh Cherubina is so pretty! Look forward to seeing you stitch that one.

    For my 2013 list I think I may be moving lots of things over from my 2012 list! :)

  5. Bistro looks great!
    Thanks for letting us know about the sale. I may just have to cheat on my stash diet. (again)

  6. Bistro looks great!
    Thanks for letting us know about the sale. I may just have to cheat on my stash diet. (again)

  7. Great new stash! I am trying so hard to resist the HAED sale! I love when the postie brings mail, its like Christmas!

    Enjoy your week off work :)

  8. Lovely new stash! And I think I must steal the word "bobbinating", haha. That is an awesome way to describe it. :D