Sunday, November 25, 2012

A New Rotation Week

So I was able to get a little bit of stitching done yesterday after all. So after my first week of working on My Witch's Brew, this is where I ended up:
My Witch's Brew - End of Rotation Week 11/24/12
Down in the rotation it goes for now as I am finally back to my "normal" rotation schedule with no WOCS projects or traveling patterns in the mix! Next up, European Bistro! It's been quite awhile since I worked on this piece - over two months in fact, as I last worked on this piece on September 22nd! Wow that's a long time! Here's where the piece was when we last saw it:
European Bistro - Start of Rotation Week
And after only a little bit of working on it tonight after the kids were finally put to bed after a long day, here's where it stands:
As of 11/25/12
We'll see how much I get done this week. All of the Christmas decorations have been brought out from storage, and considering I didn't get to decorate hardly at all last year while we were in an apartment between houses, I'm eagerly looking forward to covering my house in Christmas cheer, which will mostly happen in the evenings. I know I'll get some stitching time in, though. I'll need it, as this is my last week at my current job and I have a feeling that it's going to be a stressful one!

Until next time!


  1. Very good!! Everything is coming along nicely! :)

  2. Great progress on witches brew in your first week! Bistro is too, I may have said before but this is one on my bucket list so I always enjoy seeing the updates.

    Have fun decorating the house - I have to wait until the weekend - booo!!!

  3. Yay for a new rotation week! I'm sure the European Bistro is going to look a lot different by next weekend. :D And have fun decorating!

  4. Great progress Katy. Have fun decorating. We will work somemore outside tonight when hubby gets home.


  5. Witch's Brew looks fantastic! It will be fun to come back to later on, like a brand new surprise! Great fabric!