Friday, November 2, 2012

Who Can Resist A Sale?

Especially a 50% off sale at Heaven and Earth Designs?? I certainly can't...and my stash grew by five charts today!
Atlantis - Linda Ravenscroft
Lancelot and Guenevere - Selina Fenech
Pearl Birthstone Fairy - Rachel Anderson
Sistine Chapel Ceiling - Michelangelo
Christine - Aimee Stewart
All of these have special meanings to me or call to me for some reason.

I'm really loving the individual figures by Linda Ravenscroft, and Atlantis is not the first in this style from her I've gotten (as evidenced here, here and here and several selections on my HAED wishlist).

Lancelot and Guenevere was actually the first HAED pattern I ever saw on a blog that got me hooked up with the site in the first place and I am a huge fan of Arthurian legend.

Pearl is my daughter's birthstone - I already have Emerald for me and my son, just need to get Citrine for my husband to round out the collection!

The Sistine Chapel Ceiling is absolutely stunning in person. I've had the pleasure of seeing it twice in person and it's taken my breath away both times. I have a poster of this we got when my husband and I were last in Rome, but I would love to stitch it. I also want to get the sister piece, The Last Judgement, which is in the Sistine Chapel as well.

Christine is part of a Phantom of the Opera mask series from Aimee Stewart and Phantom of the Opera is tied with Les Miserables for my favorite musical of all time. I want to also get Think of Me to go along with it, even if that means I now have that song in my head...Think of me...Think of me fondly when we say goodbye....ahem, anyway...

Will I ever get all of these plus what I have in my stash plus what I still have on my wishlist ever done? Who knows...but part of the fun of this hobby is collecting beautiful things to have to choose from when the urge strikes, and I love all of my new pretty pieces! Now, I just need to stay off of the website until the sale passes to resist the urge to buy more! Ha ha!

Tonight's stitching was was a long day (week) at work, and we had Girl Scouts tonight, which takes up most of my time and energy on meeting days. I did get a little bit done, though, and I plan on getting more done tomorrow before putting it down for a week.
As of 11/2/12
I do have a one hour phone "personality test" interview tomorrow for the job I'm applying for...and a four hour mega interview this coming Thursday with other directors, senior leadership and medical leadership...all good signs, but please keep the good thoughts coming!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!


  1. Beautiful new charts and good luck for your job interviews:)

  2. Fingers crossed, legs crossed...everything crossed for your interviews!!!

  3. Beautiful choice of charts, Lancealot is on my wish list and I suspect will be purchased very soon. I was a little more disciplined and only got two charts in the 50% sale...but that is only because Michelle said some new charts are coming before the sale ends so I want to check those out first...hehehe.

    Have a great weekend and I hope everything for the interviews goes well!

  4. I didn't know about the sale and will have to go check it out. Your selections are wonderful.

    You don't need luck for the interviews because you are perfect for the job and they will see that.

  5. I love your HAED choices... thank you for sharing the whys too...

  6. Love your new HAED's. Sure wish I could stitch them. Great progress on penquin.


  7. So many great new charts! DH and I are on a No Unnecessary Spending budget, so it's taken all my willpower to NOT shop the 50% off sale. I'll just drool over your new stash, instead :)

  8. If I wasn't on a "no spend unless vital" budget I'd join you with more HAED charts! I love Linda Ravenscroft designs too. I've got a few that I really must get round to!
    But the Sistine Chapel is a bit beyond me! I would never have the patience for it. Good luck and let us watch your progress.

  9. Those are lovey new HEADS and special since they all have meaning for you.

    A little progress is better than no progress!

    Best of luck with the interview process!!!!