Saturday, November 24, 2012

Girl's Night!

I haven't had a chance to stitch today, though I'm hoping I might have a chance before I go to bed...but I do know that I won't get a chance to post again as I'm going to bring my kids over to see my siblings while they're in town and then me, my younger sister, my mom, my three aunts (Mom's sisters), my oldest female cousin and my grandmother are all getting together for a girl's youngest aunt is only 9 years older than me, so she's more my big sister, and most of my younger cousins think I'm an aunt because of our age difference. We're a close knit family and I'm looking forward to getting all the girls together!

But because I did promise a drawing today for Tribal Penguin, I wanted to make sure I posted before I was taken away for the day! And the winner is....

Congrats, Linda! Can't wait to see your progress!

Oh, I did take advantage of the HAED Thanksgiving sale and bought the last Birthstone Fairy I needed for our family's birthstones - Citrine for my husband (whose birthday was yesterday!)
Citrine Birthstone Fairy by Rachel Anderson
 Any pictures of any stitching I get done today will be posted tomorrow. And I'm excited that I'll be back to European Bistro starting next week - it's been awhile!

Until next time!


  1. Katy - that sounds like an awesome girl's night - Enjoy! Congrats to Linda and Citrine fairy is gorgeous!

  2. Nothing like a girls night! Great new chart and Happy Birthday to your DH:)

  3. Love your HAED - this is not my birthstone, or any of my girls, but it is my favorite. Enjoy your night out with the girls. What fun

  4. Congratulations to Linda! And I love the new chart you got =)

  5. Hi Katy. I have emailed you my snail mail address. Thank you. Sounds like a great girl's night out. Love the new chart.