Sunday, October 21, 2012

A New Rotation Week and Preparing for January

Today began a new rotation week and Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love is back! As I do every week, I want to look back at where I was when I last worked on this piece:
Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love - Start of Rotation Week - Last Touched 9/15/12
I was able to do a little bit of stitching today. Not as much as I would have liked to close out IHSW, but any stitching is good stitching!
As of 10/21/12
I also spent some of the day preparing for the Crazy January Challenge for 2013 - 15 starts in the first 15 days of January with the goal of finishing all of the projects you start by the end of the year. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it, but I did finalize my 15 choices today and now I can spend the next couple of months kitting them up and getting ready to go for the new year. Want to see the choices? In no particular order as I have not yet decided on the order in which I will stitch them, my patterns are:

1. Angel of Compassion - Selina Fenech - Heaven and Earth Designs (page one for finish)
2. Butterfly Rose Cross - Brigid Ashwood - Heaven and Earth Designs (page one for finish)
3. Tuscan Greeting - Dimensions

4. Fall Fairy - Dimensions Gold Collection

5. Mediterranean Flavors - Dimensions

6. Wedding Sampler - Carolyn Manning (one of a kind design she made for me as a wedding gift 10+ years ago - time to stitch it!)

7. American Flag Quilt Sampler - Rosewood Manor

8. Sweet Pea Fairy - Joan Elliott

9. Stitching ABC - Design Works

10. Rapunzel - Joan Elliott

11. St. Peter's - John Clayton International by Heritage Stitchcraft

12. Winter Flowers Ornament - Turquoise Graphics & Designs

13. Garden of Joy Ornament - Turquoise Graphics & Designs

14. Celtic Christmas Ornament #4 - The Sunflower Seed

15. Butterfly Fairy - Joan Elliott

What do you think? Four of these are kits, the rest I need to work on gathering supplies for to kit up! I tried to have a mix of big and small projects, and I also have a few techniques in some of these that I haven't done before, like beading, and different types of finishes. I'm going to create another page to track my progress on these projects and I'm already thinking of ways to modify my rotation to add all of these in, but I have some ideas already! I can't wait to get started!

Until next time!


  1. Great progress. Love all your new charts for next year:)

  2. Wow, your charts for next year look great! That's quite a challenge :D

  3. Nice choice of designs for next year!! Looks like a serious challenge, you will be very busy stitching :)

  4. Great choices! 5 of them are on my "to do" list as well. It will be fun to watch as you start and then progress on each of them in the new year.

  5. The Beauty and the Beast is looking great!

    You have quite a list for next year! Love your choices and I can't wait to see your progress on them!

  6. Wonderful stitching progress =)

    I really love your projects for the January challenge, but I think also that it is a tough selection =) Some of those are really big projects =)
    I love Fall Fairy, it's on my Dimensions Wl (next to Woodland Enchantress)
    Oh, how I am looking forward to see those new starts in January! =)

  7. A great selection of charts for the new year - but 15 is too many for me. I think maybe two or three to bring in the new year, but I am sure more will get started along the way :)

  8. Great progress on your stitching this weekend! Those are fantastic choices for your Crazy January Challenge! You are so organized that I'm sure you will meet your goal.

  9. Wow! You are definitely challenging yourself with those beautiful patterns. Lovely flower from IHSW!!

  10. Damned ambitious! I love the three ornies and the 2 Joan fairies.
    I've chosen certain projects for the last two years (11 in '11 and 12 in '12) and have found that more than two large projects just isn't doable for me!. This year there will be more smalls in my 13 in '13.
    Will be watching your progress with interest.