Monday, October 1, 2012

Flames of Desire, September Accomplishments and October Goals

Hi everyone! It's hard to believe it's the first of October! Where has 2012 gone??

Before getting into my accomplishments for September and my goals for October, I want to post my update for Flames of Desire as of tonight:

As of 10/1/12

Doesn't look like much, but it's slowly progressing!

Now, onto my accomplishments and a reminder, here were my goals for September:

September Goals
- Christmas Countdown - Finish all ornaments and move to the fabric piece (should be doable, as it's going to be my focus in my next rotation) - Not quite, but very close! This piece is up in my rotation again after this week and this goal will definitely be accomplished then. This is as far as I got this month:

Christmas Countdown - Ornaments as of 9/8/12

- Flames of Desire - Finish Page 1 - Not even close! I still have a ways to go on this first page and likely won't be done with it this rotation either!

- Purchase at least one chart during HAED Appreciation Week - Done! You can see what I purchased here and here!

- Decide on and kit up my next project to be started after I finish Page 1 of Flames of Desire - Done, but you're going to have to wait until I'm ready to start it to find out which one I picked!

- Work on European Bistro - Done! You can see the progress here!

- Work on Italian Vista - Done! You can see the progress here!

All in all, not a bad month goal wise! This month I'm going to keep my goals simple!

October Goals

- Continue working through my rotation
- Choose and complete one WOCS project
- Start a new Halloween themed piece no later than 10/31! - This is going to be a start of a tradition for me for the major holidays. I want to be able to display cross stitch pieces that correspond with the holidays and seasons. My way of doing this is starting a new holiday themed piece each time a holiday comes up. Since Halloween is this month, I'll start working on a Halloween piece this month so I can have it ready to display next year. Thanksgiving will be started in November, and though I'm working on one for Christmas already, another one will be started for Christmas...we'll just see what I pick out!

I also noticed that I'm up to 49 followers! Yay! When I get up to 50, I'll have a giveaway, so spread the word!

Until next time!


  1. Good luck with the October goals ☺

  2. I love your plan of starting a holiday theme piece to be ready for the next year! Your Christmas ornaments are adorable and I love the reds/oranges in Flames of Desire. Great job on meeting your goals!

  3. Good luck with your new goals! Looks like those ornaments may be finished in no time!

  4. Beautiful progress on Flames of Desire =)
    Good work on your September goals, I think even though you did not accomplish all of them, you managed to do lots =)
    Good luck with your october goals =)

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