Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just Keep Stitching...

I feel a little like Dory from Finding Nemo...Just keep stitching, just keep stitching! I worked more on the red band of the border tonight:

As of 10/11/12
 It was another good night for mindless stitching while I sipped a glass of wine and watched the Vice Presidential debate...and not to get political, as I don't really care who you vote for so long as you vote, but "malarkey" is now one of my new favorite words...

I'm not sure how much more red I'll get done tomorrow. I'm taking my daughter's Daisy troop to the State Fair of Texas on Saturday, and she just received some badges at our last meeting that I want to get stitched on her vest before we go. We'll see how long that takes!

Until next time!

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  1. Just keep stitching, just keep stitching. What do we do? We stitch, stitch. hmm hmm hmm

    (I love that movie) :D