Saturday, October 6, 2012


Cooler weather is definitely here in Texas! A cold front came through last night and I was actually chilly when I got up this morning! I'm not a huge fan of the cold, I'm a Texas girl born and raised so I'm used to heat, but it definitely means fall is here when the temperature falls!

Luckily, I'll be able to warm up more working on Flames of Desire for one more day! I worked on it a bit last night after Girl Scouts but was too tired to post. Here's the progress I made last night:
As of 10/5/12
Today is the last day of Flames for this rotation. I told my husband that I don't want to go anywhere today - after weeks of constantly going and not relaxing, I want a day at home where I don't have to worry about going anywhere or doing anything. I plan on using that to the fullest to work more on Flames today and hopefully try to get the moon and the tendrils on this page done before I put it away for now.

Oh, I did get some more stitchy goodness in the mail yesterday!
The goodies included some fabric I was going to use for a project but am not now so it's just going to my statsh, the rest of the threads for my teacup and Halloween pieces and an awesome pattern called the American Flag Quilt Sampler by Rosewood Manor. I saw Sarah from Sarah in Stitches working on this pattern and just loved it, so I had to get it too! It will probably be my 4th of July start next year if I don't get started on it sooner!

I did spend some time yesterday putting my new thread into's the part of this hobby that I like the least, but it's one of those necessary evils. I haven't even touched the thread for my next two HAED's yet...but since I'm just waiting for the fabric to arrive to work on these two pieces, I wanted to go ahead and be prepared!
Pretty Threads!
So now all of my pretty threads for Flames of Desire, May Lily of the Valley Teacup and My Witches' Brew are wound up on bobbins, organized and ready for use! Yay!

Off to spend this cool, grey day relaxing with my needle and thread! See you tonight with the last update for Flames of Desire!

Until then!


  1. Your progress on Flames of Desire is going so well! And I'm sure you're going to absolutely love the American Flag Quilt Sampler - I'm having so much fun with it!

  2. Good for you on getting all your floss organized. Also keep up the great progress on flames! I like your rotation idea of changing to a different project each week. That way you still can see your progress but you don't get bored with a design. I usually get far into a project and then lose interest but I might try your rotation technique.

  3. Looking forward to the result of a whole day of Flames!
    If you dislike bobbin winding, I recommend Floss-a-way bags for thread storage. They're little ziploc bags with a hole in the corner to store on a ring, you have one ring per project. Saves hours of winding!