Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Fun Night!

Halloween in our new neighborhood was a blast! Spider-Man and Merida had a great time and came home with great candy!
Spider-Man and Merida!
This was my son's first real Halloween where he understood the concepts. He kept saying to me "Let's go find another door, Mommy!" because he knew knocking on doors got him more candy! My favorite line of the night, though, was hearing another family tell a young child "Just go with the zombies, honey."...HA!

My job interview went really well today and I'm going to be going in for another round of interviews, which is a great sign! Fingers crossed!

I also got some stitching in on Tribal Penguin tonight after all the trick-or-treating was done:
As of 10/31/12
I'm definitely going to continue to rotate back and forth between this piece and May Lily of the Valley Teacup until they're both done, then I'll be back to my normal routine.

I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween! And to all of my new followers from the blog hop and beyond, welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!

Until next time!


  1. You little ones look awesome =) So cute!

    I'm crossing my fingers for you concerning the job =)

    Your stitching looks very lovely =) I'm looking forward to see more of this =)

  2. A really nice new memory for your son. Good luck on your next interview, and it's going to fun following the progress on your WIP :o)

    Regards Linda

  3. Awesome Costumes... Fingers Crossed for your interview... I know you will do wonderful

  4. Cute costumes!! It was always a fun night when my son was little. He would run from door to door and I had a hard time keeping up!! Keeping your interview in my prayers. Lovely stitching, I'll be back to see your progress! Just wanted to congratulation you on winning the Prairie Schooler kit giveaway I had on my blog. Please e-mail me your address and I will get it in the mail to you! *Hugs*

  5. Aww your little ones look so sweet - and your little boy looks like he is very excited! Hehe!

    Glad to hear the interview went well, I hope the second one goes just as well :)

  6. It's great that you and your kids had a Happy Halloween! I'm looking forward to seeing the Lily of the Valley Teacup come to life. It's beautiful!