Monday, October 8, 2012

Counting Down Until Christmas

Well, not really...let's get past Halloween, and then I'll start officially counting down. But I did start a new rotation week today with Christmas Countdown and I have to say, I'm very excited to announce that I completed the ornaments tonight!

This is where we were at the end of the last rotation:
Christmas Countdown - Start of Rotation Week - Last Touched 9/8/12
And here are all of the ornaments finally completed!
Ornaments Completed 10/7/12
Sorry for the blurry picture, but it's what I have tonight...The completion of the ornaments means that tomorrow, I'll start on the actual calendar portion of this kit! I'm very excited, it's like a new start all over again!

It's really late so I don't have much else for tonight, but I hope you all have a great week with lots of stitching ahead of you!

Until next time!


  1. Yeah, well done for finishing the ornaments ☺

  2. They look wonderful. I can't wait to see the calender in all it's glory, it's going to be amazing :)

  3. All those ornaments will look so cute on the calendar! Great progress and right on time for Christmas!

  4. Awesome,this is a great project, and one you will have so much fun with when completed. Excellent

  5. Congrats on finishing the ornaments =)
    They are so cute!

  6. Well done on getting them for the fun part :D

  7. Great finish. They are so cute:)

  8. Congrats on the finish of the ornaments!! Can't wait to see the calender