Friday, October 12, 2012

More Border, Girl Scouts, and Giveaway Reminder

So I had more time today than I anticipated to stitch! My son had an ENT checkup today (just following up on his tube surgery back in February), so I got home earlier than normal. After a brief nap, I was able to get several things accomplished today!

First, I was able to get all of the patches sewn onto my Daisy's uniform in anticipation of our field trip to the State Fair of Texas tomorrow where there will be a huge 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts exhibit and scavenger hunt. We're looking forward to it!

The Front of my Daughter's Daisy Vest as of 10/12/12

The Back of my Daughter's Daisy Vest as of 10/12/12
She's going to look great walking around Fair Park tomorrow with her uniform full of awards she's earned. Even if it is Texas/OU football weekend, which if you're not from Texas is a HUGE, annual game that always takes place during the State Fair, we should still have a blast with her troop! I am going to try to spend a few extra minutes in the exhibit hall that houses all of the arts and crafts entries to see what cross-stitch inspiration I can find! A few people who are members of various cross-stitching groups on Facebook have talked about having pieces entered, and I always enjoying seeing what won each year!

Once the vest was finished and after dinner was eaten and kids put to bed, I was able to settle down with Christmas Countdown. Not only did I get the red border finished in the space available in the hoop:

Look at all that red!
 But I also went ahead and moved the hoop over and extended the red of the middle divider of the frame out on the right side all the way to where the right hand border will begin.

Even More Red!
Depending on how tired I am tomorrow after wrangling nine first graders at the fair, I will try to make some more progress on this piece before putting it away for this rotation week.

Also, one last reminder that tomorrow is the drawing for my Fifty Follower Giveaway! Amazingly, I've gone well over fifty followers since the giveaway was announced, which I think is awesome! If you haven't entered yet, now's your chance, as my daughter will be drawing the winner's name tomorrow after we get home from the fair. Check back tomorrow to see if you win!

Until next time!


  1. Your daughter must be very proud of all the awards she has earned. Great stitching:)

  2. Have fun with your daughter tomorrow - you must be so proud of her, look at all those wonderful awards!

  3. Your daughters vest looks wonderful =)
    Sounds like she is a busy girl ;-)

    Good progress on Christmas Countdown =)
    I can't wait until you are done with the border so Santa can appear =)

  4. What fun. I was a brownie and girl scout many years ago. She had earned a lot of awards. good for her. Great progress on your stitching.

  5. Great job finishing the red border! Have fun at the fair!

  6. Your daughter has earned the most wonderful badges and awards, how proud she must be... I LOVE LOVE LOVE our State Fair, hope you have a wonderful time.