Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Our Guest!

Okay, so I have a strange feeling that my blog titles this week are going to all be references to songs from Beauty and the Beast....ha!

I made some more progress on Beauty and the Beast tonight!
As of 9/10/12
 Because I'm not one that likes to do just one or two stitches of a color before I put it away and would rather use an entire length of floss, I did do a bit of cross-country stitching tonight with a few colors, but I'm liking my progress so far! I'm really enjoying stitching this!

I also purchased two new charts from Heaven and Earth Designs tonight as part of HAED Appreciation Week. I am going to purchase a couple more at the end of the week too, but I haven't decided which ones yet. The ones tonight were easy, though!

Chakra Fae by Linda Ravenscroft
Chakra Fae  was a piece I had seen on someone else's blog that helped push me to explore HAED. The pattern is just beautiful and I absolutely love it!

Emerald Birthstone Fairy by Rachel Anderson
Emerald Birthstone Fairy is part of a stunning set of birthstone fairies by Rachel Anderson that I just love. Emerald is my birthstone as well as my son's. Eventually, I will get my husband and daughter's fairies, though truly, I love the whole set and would be thrilled to have them all!

Until next time!


  1. Another good night of progress! Great choices on the HAED patterns too - I am still trying to pick mine!

  2. Great progress and lovely new charts:)