Sunday, February 3, 2013

End of Rotation Week and Start of Another

So yesterday ended my rotation week on Butterfly Rose Cross, and I'm very pleased! As a reminder, this is where the piece was at the beginning of the week:
Butterfly Rose Cross - Start of Rotation Week - 1/27/13
And here is where it stands now:
Butterfly Rose Cross - End of Rotation Week - 2/2/13
I went from one column with the second started to three columns with the fourth started - that's good progress if you ask me!

Today starts a new rotation week! I'll be working My Witch's Brew from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I'm excited because I haven't been able to dedicate a full rotation week to this piece yet, as the last time I worked on it was over Thanksgiving week and I barely had any time to actually work on it. Here is where the piece is beginning today:
My Witch's Brew - Start of Rotation Week
This is one of my smaller WIP's, so I hope I can make lots of progress this week. I plan on doing lots of stitching during the Super Bowl this afternoon! Go commercials!

Until next time!


  1. Hi Katy
    You made great progress on Butterfly and your new piece looks lovely!

  2. Great progress, Katy. I'm always impressed with how much you get done every week, and your stitching is lovely.

  3. You made such great progress on Butterfly. I love the fabric color on this weeks piece.


  4. great progress on your HAED, happy stitching this week

  5. Did I mention before, Witches Brew - great fabric choice.. Looking forward to seeing it at end of your rotation...

  6. Great progress. Good luck for this week:)

  7. It seems aggges since we have seen this piece, I look forward to seeing it this week :)

  8. You came a very long way in a week! Enjoy your Super Bowl stitching session. Can't wait to see your progress :)

  9. You made a big bunch of progress =)

  10. You have made great progress. I love your witches brew design. The fabric is lovely and gives it such a great effect.

  11. You have a lot of progress this rotation!