Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhog Day!

I was super tired last night and just did not have the energy to blog, but I did work more on Butterfly Rose Cross:
As of 2/2/13
I've already made more progress today and can tell you I've finished the third column and started on the fourth! Yay! I'll post again tonight for my final post of the week for this rotation...

Yesterday was also the first of the month, and typically on the first, I review my goals from the past month and make new goals for the upcoming month. I'm a day late, but here we go!

At the beginning of January, I made the following goals for the year, which I'll be checking in on throughout the year:

1. Year of the Stash - I've made a lot of progress in this arena this month LOL! I have added several pieces of beautiful hand dyed fabrics to my collection as well as a couple of patterns through various RAK programs through groups I'm a member of on Facebook. I think fabric, though, is my weakness now! I mean, just look at this!
Beautiful Fabrics!!
I just love them all and definitely plan on adding more to my collection! My two favorite fabric companies are Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie and Under the Sea Fabrics, by far!

2. Crazy January Challenge - I want to successfully start all 15 projects in 15 days and will be very pleased if I can finish at least 1/3 of the projects in 2013. - The first part of this goal is done! I definitely did all 15 starts and am already making plans for 2014's CJC. This goal will be modified to just continue working on the pieces to try to get as many projects completed as I can!

3. Finish at least one of my 6 WIP's from 2012 - Can't mark this one off the list yet, but I'm working on it!

So goals specifically for February:

1. CJC 2014 - To get ready for the CJC in 2014, I am working on picking 2-3 patterns a month and determining shopping lists so I can spend the year getting ready. I have already picked a few charts for January's choices, but I want to pick February's choices as well, make a list of what I need, and review the stash I have to start making shopping lists. I have a $50 gift card from Michael's that I got for Christmas this year burning a hole in my pocket!

2. Keep up with my SAL's - I'm part of the TUSAL, WIPocalypse and Theme-a-licious SAL's this year, and I want to make sure I keep up with them!

Otherwise, I want to keep working on my projects and visiting your blogs - something I do almost every day already!

Will be back tonight to give the end of the week update report!

Until next time!


  1. Great progress Katy. I love your new fabric. Its gorgeous. Looks like doable goals.


  2. You do have a good stash! I only bought fabric for current projects until I found Leslie. Now I'm getting more than I'll ever be able to use. :)

  3. Oh my! what a wonderful stash of fabric. I definitely have a touch of the green eyed monster there. I plan to build my stash of hand dyed fabrics this year. Well done on hitting your goal with butterfly rose and good luck with your february goals too.

  4. Hello Katy

    Fantastic fabric stash and great progress on your wip!

  5. Oh I love the fabrics :) I think I am slowly developing a weakness for them, I found myself ordering four fabrics the other week from Crafty Kitten - I have no idea for what project though! x

  6. Great fabric stash & huge progress on the Haed

  7. Lots of great progress and pretty fabric!