Saturday, February 9, 2013

End of Rotation Week

Well, I didn't quite meet my goal of finishing the entire bottom of the piece thanks to bad allergies wiping me out today after a rough week at work making me too tired to stitch for a few nights...but I am very pleased with my progress this week!

I went from this at the start of the rotation week:
My Witch's Brew - Start of Rotation Week

To this as of today:
My Witch's Brew - End of Rotation Week - 2/9/13
I think one more good dedicated week and I just might be able to finish this piece up...we'll see what happens when it comes around again!

Tomorrow starts a new rotation week and I will be working on my wedding sampler from the CJC. Can't wait!

Until next time!


  1. I know you didn't get as much done as you wanted, but it's looking great. I hate when life gets in the way of got in the way of mine this weekend, too.

  2. Fantastic progress =)

  3. I love the fabric you selected...can hardly wait to see it framed. I hope you send me a picture.

  4. Great progress for this week! Yes, I'm sure you'll finish it the next time it comes up in rotation.

  5. Super progress and good luck when it comes up in rotation again as I'm sure it will soon become a finish.

  6. You made a lot of progress!!! It looks wonderful.