Sunday, February 24, 2013

End of Rotation Week and Start of Another

So much for getting a lot done this week on European least I made some progress.

This is where we started at the beginning of the week:
Start of Rotation Week

And this is where it ended up after a very bad stitching week with more days of not stitching than actual stitching:
End of Rotation Week
I think I only stitched three days this week. I hope this week is better. Progress is progress, though, and that's what counts in the end!

This week is another CJC rotation week.This week, I'm working on Mediterranean Flavors by Dimensions. This is one of the smaller pieces in my CJC rotation, so maybe if I can actually stitch this week, I can make some good progress on it! Here is where we're starting from:
Mediterranean Flavors - Start of Rotation Week
Here's hoping for a lot of good progress this week!

Until next time!


  1. You made great progress on European Bistro and good luck on Mediterranean Flavors this week.

  2. You did so much on European Bistro! You finished the whole window, which is great. Can't wait to see your progress on Mediterranean Flavors.

  3. You and me both, but then again I always seem to be saying that! I hope you have a great stitchy week :)

  4. You have made great progress this week. It all counts:)

  5. You made great progress this week Katy.


  6. You really did make a lot of progress this week. It's looking great.

  7. Great progress on the bistro, hope you have plenty of stitching time this week

  8. I think it doesn't matter how much progress you actually make ;-) The most important thing is that you enjoy what you do ;-)

  9. Looks like quite a bit of progress to me! Maybe it just doesn't seem like much because you didn't stitch as much as you wanted...? Here's to this week feeling more successful with your new rotation piece :)

  10. European Bistro is really coming along!