Monday, February 25, 2013

WIPocalypse - February Edition

It's already time for another WIPocalypse report! Where has February gone?? The theme for this month is:

February 25 – Themes: Designer – Little House Needleworks, Style – Love/Family, Colors – White and Red

Well, designer wise, I don't have any Little House Needleworks patterns in the works. In fact, I didn't have any Little House Needleworks patterns in my collection, but I've rectified that! I have now added the following two LHN patterns to my collection:
Home of a Needleworker Too!
The Bookshelf
LHN isn't my typical style for stitching, but I really like both of these patterns and I now have them in my collection - that's the point of WIPocalypse, right? Not to finish pieces, but to add to stash? Right?? RIGHT?!?!

Ahem, the other themes were Style – Love/Family and Colors – White and Red. My two WIPocalypse pieces for this month were My Witch's Brew and European Bistro.

My Witch's Brew at the start of the year:

 My Witch's Brew this WIPocalypse:
This piece has the word LOVE in it, so I'm counting it for the monthly theme!

And here is European Bistro at the start of the year:

And here is where it is as of this WIPocalypse:
I worked on the white outline of the rest of the window this month as well as some other white pieces...

I count these for sure!

Now, onto this week's stitching. I was able to get some stitches in both yesterday and today on Mediterranean Flavors:
As of 2/24/13
As of 2/25/13
Today's picture doesn't show the garlic portion as clearly as the one from yesterday, but the green oil jar in the middle is done except for backstitching, which won't happen for awhile yet. This piece is going relatively quickly - let's see how much progress I can make this week!

Until next time!


  1. You have made a ton of progress on Witches Brew since the start of the year. I have the LHN chart "Home of a Needleworker", I think there is a second matching chart too it also.

  2. Great progress! I'm with you, LHN isn't my normal style, but I saw both of those charts when I was shopping around and they are SO cute! Nice choices. :D

  3. love the home of a needleworker chart and you've made some great progress there. EB is coming on so well.

  4. What a great WIPocalypse post! It's fun to have a monthly theme. Home of a Needleworker looks like a chart to put on my wish list for sure! Witch's Brew, European Bistro, and Mediterranean Flavors all have great progress this month!

  5. Great progress this month Katy. Love your new stash. I have both of those charts.


  6. eyverything is coming along very beautifully and I love your new LHN patterns. happy stitching! :)

  7. I totally agree! Stash enhancing is part of the hobby ;)

  8. You made such lovely progress during the last month =)

  9. I agree that the point is to add stash. Of course, I'm always trying to "justify" my purchases. :) Your work looks wonderful!!