Sunday, February 10, 2013

February TUSAL and New Rotation Week

Evening, all! Hard to believe it's time for another TUSAL report again! I have changed up my TUSAL jar for the year. I found this crystal bowl when I was putting my Christmas china away and putting my 'standard' china back out for display in my china cabinet. I have lots of beautiful crystal pieces but with young kids, I can't display them much. This piece, though, sits right beside my stitching seat and the kids leave it alone and it's such a prettier TUSAL jar!

Anyway, here is where we were at last month's TUSAL:
Old TUSAL jar

And this month's (the new jar is a little harder to have perspective with from this angle):
New TUSAL jar
And from the top:

And tonight:
Lots of room to expand!
Tonight also started a new rotation week! I'm back on another CJC piece this week and I am working on my Wedding Sampler by Carolyn Manning! Here is where I left the piece after it's CJC start:
Wedding Sampler - Start of Rotation Week
And here it is today, after me being up at 3 AM due to a massive lightening show that I couldn't fall back asleep from and spending some more time stitching tonight:
As of 2/10/13
It's amazing how much progress you can make in the wee morning hours undisturbed...I plan on making lots of progress on this piece this week!

Until next time!


  1. Great progress and what a beautiful design! The fabric you have selected complements it brilliantly :)

  2. Great progress on it, it's looking lovely

  3. Katy
    You have a beautiful jar with some great looking let's. You've made some great progress on your piece.

    1. That should be orts not lets...I'm using my phone to leave a comment...this phone didn't recognize the word orts at first. I had to teach it. LOL.

  4. Hello Katy

    I love your new jar!
    Lovely stitching too.
    Hope you have a good week.

  5. pretty new ort jar, great progress on the wedding sampler. happy stitching this week

  6. Pretty new jar, isn't it a shame we have all these things we keep "for best" and they hardly ever see the light of day!

    You are off to a flying start on the stitching this week!

  7. Hello!

    Here is my February TUSAL...this month's ORTs include lots from my christmas ornaments 2013.

  8. Your Wedding Sampler looks so pretty, especially in the last photo where we can see the sparkle in the fabric!