Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Stitching Yesterday

Yesterday was an incredibly stressful day at work - to the point that I poured a big glass of wine moments after getting home and I realized, very quickly, that if I wanted to avoid frogging everything today, stitching last night was a no go!

I did get back to My Witch's Brew tonight, though:
As of 2/5/13
With tonight's progress, the top half of the middle section is done, so tomorrow I'll move the fabric and begin working down towards the bottom half. My goal is to get the bottom half done before this week is over...we'll see if that happens!

I also want to take a second to comment about all my lovely followers. I have gotten some really nice comments and compliments, both in posts and in email, and I have to say, they all touch my heart. If my blog can give you some entertainment, encouragement, inspiration or guidance in some small way, I am over the moon thrilled. I started this blog for me to be able to document my personal journey, and I never imagined it would impact so many people. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, dear followers, for all of your comments and for coming back for more! It makes this blog even more fun!

Until next time!


  1. I have totally had those nights of too tired to stitch, even if I wanted to. Hope tomorrow is less stressful for you at work.

  2. haha wine and stitching don't mix!
    You leave so many nice comments on our blogs too.

  3. This is looking great - and this photo really shows the sparkle in the fabric!

    I know just what you mean about work, my first two days this week were so bad I booked today off! lol!

  4. Katy
    I hope work settles down for you. Your witch's brew is coming along nicely. Aren't our fellow bloggers the best? Have a great rest of the week.

  5. You made the right choice not to stitch and risk frogging it all! I'm sure you'll make great progress this week!

  6. Good call there with the stitching. Witches brew is looking great not, hope you reach your goal. happy stitching.

  7. Wine and sewing don't go well together - good choice not to stitch then! I enjoy reading your blog and finding out a little more about you/your life each time. HAPPY BLOGGING!

  8. Good thinking! I really enjoy sharing your stitching adventures, and all the sweet comments you leave on my blog.

  9. It's horrible to have such days at work! Glad that you got your stitching mojo back!! :)