Saturday, January 31, 2015

A New Start - Sort Of

So I have been working on my very first HAED, Flames of Desire by Lee Ann Seed, since 2012.

She was the first HAED I ever purchased because I fell in love with the beautiful firey fairy and I really wanted to stitch her. I actually had completed a page on her and was working on the second page, which is an accomplishment for HAED! So I had been plugging away on it here and there for awhile, but it's been several months since I picked her up. Yesterday it came up in my rotation and I was excited to pull it out at first. But when I started looking at it, I really was not happy.


I'm not entirely sure what it was. It could be that the 25 count Dublin Linen was really uneven. It could be that I was foolish enough to stitch two over one instead of one over one. It could have been that I was trying to do full crosses on such small fabric rather than tent stitching it. It could be that it was completely uneven when you laid it flat, with some parts buckling, other parts sinking. It could have been that though I love the color scheme with the fabric I chose to use for it, I no longer liked the specific fabric I had chosen to use. It was likely a combination of all of the above.

Now, I still absolutely adore this piece. I didn't want to stop working on it all together, but I did not want to continue with what I had already done. So what did I do? I started over, of course.

I changed the fabric to a 32-count Belfast linen (yes, still linen, and yes, smaller count) called Mayan Apocalypse from Under The Sea Fabrics. This linen seems to be woven more evenly and I have been DYING to find a piece that I could put on this gorgeous fabric and I think this will be perfect. I started in the middle of the piece this time rather than on page one. I'm doing tent stitch one over one instead of full crosses and two over one. Basically, I changed everything I was doing about this piece and already I am so, so happy that I did. Sure, it's disappointing to have to start entirely over on a piece, but I think I will be much happier with the result when all is said and done.

Today is a day I'm moving out of my standard rotation again because today, the February installment of the Story Time Sampler comes out! Yay! We've already been given a sneak peek of what is coming and all guesses point to The Secret Garden being the next installment!

I might have to raid my silks to see if there is another silk I can use for her hair so that I don't necessarily have two Golden Sun blondes next to each other, but we'll see what I can find! Can't wait to get started on it!

Until next time!


  1. As disappointing as it might be if you are happier with the restart then its worth it, its gorgeous fabric too! Look forward to seeing the next frame in the SAL too :)

  2. Love your new fabric and nice start Katy.


  3. A brave move on your HAED but if you weren't happy with it then you would be less likely to finish it. Love the bold colour choice of your new fabric though.

    Enjoy your first installment of the Story Time sampler.

  4. It is a shame to leave all that work behind but there is so much in a HAED pattern it's much more important to be happy with your progress.

  5. That new fabric is sensational, good luck with the new start.

  6. Gorgeous fabric, I'm sure you'll find it grows much faster now that you're happy with it

  7. I remember when you first started Flames, and wondered what ever happened with it. It's so disappointing to work so long and hard on a piece and be unhappy with it, but it sounds like it's already worth it as your loving it again!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your progress:)

  8. I think the most important thing with HAEDs is to enjoy them. They take so much time so you really need to be happy. I'm glad you found what made you happy. Good luck with your next panel.

  9. Oof, it must be so disappointing to work on a piece so long and just want to strangle it for seemingly no reason (or lots of little reasons) at all. Restarting has made you happy though and the other piece of fabric is not a total loss. :) The new fabric is truly stunning too.

  10. Life is too short to work on something you don't like. I too have started a HAED over again. Still not happy with it though LOL