Friday, January 9, 2015

Once Upon A Time and Story Time Sampler

I did it! September was finished tonight, even if I was cursing the silk I was using for Rapunzel's hair after a bit. I love the effect of the silk, but it's not my favorite thing to work with! I also have noticed that the pictures aren't ever really quite right when it comes to capturing the colors...they're always close, but it's always a little bit off. It's amazing how the fabric can focus on one color when it's only looking at one block, but it's a completely different palate when you look at the whole piece. I love that, though, about hand dyed fabric. Oh well!

Only three more months to go!!

And then we got this goody tonight on The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery SAL Group on Facebook! A preview of the Story Time Sampler, and I can tell you, I'm already in love with the frames alone! And it looks like Alice in Wonderland is first up!

Is it the 15th yet? On the 15th, we will get all twelve frames, the sampler banner and the first character portrait, and then on the last day of each month, we'll get the next month's character portrait. Some of the examples listed that we can expect include Alice in Wonderland (obviously!), Little Women, Lady of Shalott and Sherlock Holmes! I'm so excited!

It's still early enough that I'm going to get ahead and start on October! Yay!

Until next time!

P.S. Thank you everyone for your comments and well wishes and cheering me on! I'm horrible at responding but I do read each one and they all make me smile!


  1. It is looking beautiful. I think I might wonder over and check out their new one...

  2. but I love stitching with silks! it's much smoother than cotton, such a breeze! perhaps you should cut shorter lengths?
    you are FAST with your OUAT, I feel so ashamed that I cannot get past the 4th square - but I cannot wait for Story Time to arrive! I prepared the linen yesterday, only 5 more days! (even though due to time zones, I'll get mine at 2AM of the 16th, I wonder if I'll manage to stay up..!)
    happy xxx, I can't wait to see your next progress!

  3. You are really flying along with this now, but it is so adorable I can see why!

  4. I made an obscene amount of squeaking noises when my friend linked me the Story Time preview! This is quite an expensive SAL for me so I am waiting for it to go on sale and hope that I can get to it eventually. Your OUaT is looking great and you are really plowing your way through it. :D