Thursday, January 15, 2015

All Things Noah

The Story Time Sampler doesn't come out until 5 PM PST (I'm in Central), so I had a little bit of time this morning between dropping off and picking up my son at Pre-K to pull out All Things Noah to start my rotation schedule.

Now, I honestly don't remember when I bought this piece or why. I think I intended it as a gift at some point, and I know I worked on it in college and stopped working on it when I got engaged in 2001 and had lots of wedding gifts to stitch. And I know I've grown as a stitcher since I worked on this since the threads aren't organized in any cohesive way (let's play find the thread and compare to the piece!) and my half stitches don't face the "right" way, but it's an adorable piece so I'm not going to give up on it yet.

I worked on the giraffe motif today:

The half stitches in the background are hard to see. I had to frog several times to force myself to do the half stitches in the "wrong" direction because they had already been done behind the lion and I want to keep it consistent, even if "wrong".

Put this away for now! I have some things I have to do around the house before Story Time comes out, and that will then be in my hoop until I get that installment done. Can't wait!

Until next time!


  1. This is really sweet and will feel like such an achievement to get it crossed off your list after so long!

  2. Nice progress Katy. Looks like your almost done.


  3. Too cute. My crazy perfectionism would make me unstitch the "wrong" part. But it looks adorable the way it is.

  4. I find this piece so very sweet. let me know who made it, I might find it's out of stock everywhere being it an old WIP, but for some reason it speaks to me, I'll find out at some point, I have to! I don't like unfinished business!
    I agree with you, keep your needlework consistent with the way you started it. I'll get that annoying feeling too when I'll eventually get back to my oldest WIPs on Aida. but what should I do? start them again on linen? one or two, perhaps, but the Kitty Litter is going to be a carpet of stitches, and it's more than halfway done - I'M FINISHING THAT LIKE I STARTED IT. period.
    happy xxx on Alice, I'm starting mine today after endless bumps in the road.
    chiara -