Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alice and the American Flag

It is a cold, wet, yucky day here today. It's very hard not to just curl up and stitch, but I do have other things I need to do today first.

I did make a lot of progress yesterday! First, Alice is done!

I love how this frame turned out! So with Alice being done, I'm entirely complete with the first installment of Story Time Sampler!

The next installment comes out on January 31st, so this piece has been put away for now until the next frame comes out!

So since I was finished with Alice early in the day, I picked up the American Flag Quilt Sampler and completed the next block for that piece as well,which was Georgia.

My one complaint about this chart is that it did not tell you how many skeins of floss you would need of a certain color, and I'm almost completely out of the blue for the background of this part of the flag. I ordered several more skeins last night, so hopefully that will be enough.

Here is the full piece to date.

I love this piece, but it's definitely going to be one of those that is slow going because I can really only handle doing one block at a time. Maybe that will change when I'm working on the stripes rather than the "stars" section. We'll see!

I'll be working on Angel of Compassion next. It is one of my huge HAED WIP's, so it will likely just be blocks of color with some confetti thrown in, but progress is progress. We'll see how much of it I can get done today!

Until next time!


  1. Alice looks wonderful. That looks like such a fun project. Well done on all your stitching progress.

  2. Wow Congrats on finishing part 1. Looks fantastic! Wohoo we get to watch other projects grow now. I look forward to it.

  3. Congrats on the mini finishes Katy. They look great.


  4. Great finish on Alice and how nice to have a few days now to work on other projects, wish I was that organised with SALs!

  5. Beautiful progress! I absolutely love that Alice project. So pretty :)

  6. Your progress is wonderful! I just love Alice. (I may have to purchase that pattern.)
    Really like the flag, too, it looks great.

  7. Alice looks wonderful!! I am also working American Flag Quilt Sampler but have not worked on it for a while.
    Happy Stitching