Friday, January 30, 2015

Fall Fairy

TGIF! I have always loved fairies. I can't tell you exactly why, whether it's because of what they represent or the stories you hear about them or something else entirely. And I don't only mean Tinkerbelle type pixies, but fairies of all shape and size. They are one of my favorite subjects to write about and to stitch! I have four fairies in my current rotation and LOTS of fairies on my Wish List to stitch one day.

Yesterday, I worked on the second of the four fairies in my current rotation, Fall Fairy! She's more than a blob now!

I fell in love with the rich autumn colors in this kit and really enjoyed working with them yesterday, even if right now the colors I want to see most in my life are those of spring! Winter can end anytime it wants, and I'm not even being hit that hard. I just don't like the cold!

Until next time!


  1. Lovely seeing some pretty colors - great progress! And I love fairy's too! Especially Tinkerbell! love Annette

  2. Oh very pretty colors. I've always loved fairies. I didn't really care for Tinkerbell but we love going to Disney and since I love fairies I figured I better like Tinkerbell haha. I look forward to seeing more of this one.

  3. Fall Fairy is looking great, beautiful colors! I love fairies, too, and they're my favorite subject to stitch.
    I've always wanted to get a tattoo but was never sure of what to get because I wanted it to be something "meaningful". This past summer I got a fairy tattoo on my inner right above my wrist:)

  4. Love this kit and your stitching on it is just lovely. I quite like Fairy lore and have a few of Brian Froud's book which have fantastic fairy art in them.

  5. Lovely! The colours are gorgeous :)